Orico Desktop Power Grommet Multi-Function HUB


Expand your high-speed USB and audio ports with the Orico Desktop Power Grommet Multi-Function HUB. It features a multi-function desktop grommet, detachable baffle design, USB3.0 and Type-C ports, as well as audio and microphone support.

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The Orico Desktop Power Grommet Multi-Function HUB features multiple expansion options with enough ports to meet all your needs for file transfer or voice transmission. The superspeed USB3.0 supports 5Gbps transfer speed for data or files which meets all your transmission needs regardless of the situation. Its USB interface gives you instant responses when connecting a keyboard or mouse and supports a variety of USB devices. The Type-C interface makes it compatible with mainstream laptop and Android phones with a Type-C interface. Its independent audio input and output interface can connect to either microphone or your speaker. It is widely compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS thanks to its easy plug and play interface.


  • Multi-Function Desktop Grommet
  • Detachable Baffle Design
  • Multiple Expansion Ports
  • Type-C and USB3.0
  • Audio and Microphone Ports


  • Material: ABS
  • Output Interface: USB3.0 Type-A x1
  • Input Interface: USB3.0 Type-A x2, USB3.0 Type-C x1, Audio x2
  • Transmission Rate: 5Gbps
  • Size: 6.9 x 4.7 cm (Top diameter: 6.9cm, Hight: 4.7cm, bottom diameter: 5.9cm)
  • Power Supply: USB3.0 Type-A interface
  • Data Cable: USB 3.0 A Integrated cable, 1.5m length.
  • LED Indicator: Blue LED Indicator
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Executive Standard: Q/SZYC 001-2018


  • Orico Desktop Power Grommet Multi-Function HUB x1

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