Ecoflow Delta pro smart remote control

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The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Smart Remote Control is the first remote control for a portable power station, it is designed to work with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro. It can easily connect to your DELTA Pro over Bluetooth or via an Ethernet cable so you can get a second screen right where you need it. The Smart Remote Control is ideal for when you want to store your DELTA Pro in the garage, storage bay, or below deck. The bright display shows how much energy you?re using, the remaining battery time, and everything else the DELTA Pro?s screen usually shows.

It?s also a convenient way to turn on/off the AC outlets, DC outlets, or even an entire unit for more convenience. You can easily move the screen around when connected with Bluetooth, or simply set it and forget it with a wired connection that works over longer distances.ÿOnce set up, you can monitor & control your portable power station from afar. This makes the Smart Remote Control ideal for when your DELTA Pro is set up with solar panels, or at a charger.


  • Remotely Control your Portable Power Station
  • Connect Via Bluetooth or Ethernet Cable
  • Monitor your Energy
  • LCD Display
  • Acts as a Second Screen for your DELTA Pro


  • Internal Battery: Non-rechargeable AAA
  • Type-C Input: 5V?
  • Wired Connection: 12V? (standard ethernet cable)


  • EcoFlow DELTA Pro Smart Remote Control – Black x1
  • User Manual x1

Supplier Warranty: 24 Months

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